About us

Monopoly Collective Real Estate is a Sydney based full service licensed real estate agency providing integrated property solutions for buyers, sellers, corporate, renters and investors with an emphasis on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our management team has 35 years collective experience in real estate, banking, finance and hospitality to accommodate every aspect of property ownership and investment including consulting, research, property management, sales, leasing, auction, valuation and financing. Our goal is to provide the highest level of property acquisition and management services to both domestic and international buyers, sellers, investors and tenants.

 Our mission: to redefine real estate for our customers.

We offer buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants with exceptional customer experience which are underpinned by our un-wavering commitment to service and company values.

Our customers define the standard of quality and service. We respect everyone is unique and have different levels of expectations. So we have redesigned everything from the ground up – our values, services, fees, processes, to put customers first and set a new standard for ethics and professionalism in the industry.


  • We strive to consistently deliver on our customers’ expectations and forge a sustainable long term relationship based on trust, satisfaction and performance.
  • We pledge to provide the finest personalised services to make the whole experience of buying, selling, leasing or investing, faster, easier and hassle-free.
  • We adopt transparent and easy to understand pricing models focused on maximising returns and ensure you are not hit with any surprise, hidden, or sneaky fees.
  • We partner with agents who are customer advocates, not sales reps and they are incentivised based on customer satisfaction and feedback.

Our vision: to be the partner of choice in all things property and the most respected real estate agency

Core company values

  1. Integrity – we inspire trust based on honesty, fairness and uncompromising level of ethical behaviours. With trust comes commitment and loyalty to promote everlasting relationships.
  2. Innovation – to create unique, memorable and personal experiences for our customers and continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve customer experience.
  3. Responsiveness – being readily accessible to respond and immediately resolve expressed and unexpressed needs of our customers
  4. Understand – we take time to listen and understand the needs of our customers and what they want to achieve
  5. Excellence – to deliver everything that we set out to do to the highest standards